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New album release: 'The Joyful Hour'

Our new CD 'The Joyful Hour' was officially released today, though no one really does official releases anymore... We like to kick it old-school when we can!... To celebrate, we sent it out to 101-radio-stations across the US and Ireland and Europe. Thanks to all of the radio station presenters around the globe for supporting our music!

This album came together in many different locales. It was workshopped at the house of our friends Emily and Rufus in Mississippi last February, recorded in Dublin last spring by Lúnasa's own Trevor Hutchinson, and mastered in Chicago at JoyRide Studios by our colleague of long standing, Blaise Barton. We can't thank these people enough for all of their hard work, their time, their generosity, and their patience. We tried to provide as much comic relief as we could, guys!

In future posts, we hope to expand on the tune notes from the CD and give you a little more insight into how we put together our albums and how we choose tunes, and some more information about the source of the tunes and songs, and how we arrange them.

We hope to see some of you on the road in person as we tour the new album this fall in the Midwest and Northeast and next February on the West Coast. All the best, Liz, Kieran, and Pat.

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